Like, Share, Die
Like, Share, Die


Deanna Rooney


2015 (TV)

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Like, Share, Die is an American animated sketch comedy television series created by Mondo Media and broadcast on Fusion, premiering on January 29, 2015. Each 15-minute episode of the series features a number of short Flash cartoons created by Mondo Media, with recurring segments including Deep Space 69, Dick Figures, Chick Figures, Gundarr, Couchmates, and Kung Fu Karl.


Season 1 (2015)Edit

Episode # Episode Title Air Date
1 "Butt Zombies" January 29, 2015
2 "Meta Art Dicks" February 5, 2015
3 "Smurfsters, Weed, and Mystery" May 28, 2015
4 "Lumbersexual Milkshakes and Neckbeards" May 28, 2015
5 "Tinderstellar Frat Boys" June 4, 2015
6 "Cats in Space" June 11, 2015
7 "80s Parents Don't Understand Charles Manson" June 18, 2015
8 "The Drone War Against a Cock-Blocking God" June 25, 2015
9 "Terror Cats, Killer Robots, and TV Junkies" July 2, 2015
10 "Future Beards, Gas, and Mount Olympuss" July 9, 2015
11 "Jimmy Fallon Guns a Blade Jogger" July 16, 2015
12 "God Blocks Kitty Porn" July 23, 2015
13 "Earth Biebers Are Pirates" July 30, 2015
14 "Alien Chicks Cry" August 6, 2015
15 "Liberty Stalks Her Cat Caller" August 13, 2015
16 "Geniuses and Bongs" August 20, 2015
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